The Calgarian Visitor

Hebrews 13:2

A few years ago I was in Calgary on a business trip and staying at a hotel downtown. One morning I decided to go for a walk with the intent of finding somewhere to eat a late breakfast. The hotel restaurant had stopped serving and besides, seeing more of downtown Calgary sounded like a good idea. I cannot recall the exact date but it was during the time of shorter days and longer nights and cold. Very cold. The previous night’s low was below zero. That morning it had warmed up to about zero.

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God Will Pick the Nut


I was attending a National AAPG convention in San Antonio. The year was 1989. You can only sit still listening to someone talk about doing research on rocks for so long so one afternoon I gave up and went for a stroll downtown. I was walking past the Alamo and came up to a guy literally standing on, well, like’s call it a soap box, bible in his left hand, waving fiercely with his right warning the crowd in a very direct way that unless they repented they would spend eternity in hell.

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